How To Stop Thinking Fat is a compilation of knowledge and experiences working with thousands of people over a decade wanting to transform their bodies.

Over the last decade as a Personal Trainer and business owner, Brad has had many of conversations with people wanting to create some kind of physical change. In his early days as a Gym Instructor, he would give people

advice about training and small changes or improvements they could make with their diet. Brad would always follow up and often find out that they hadn’t started, or started for a short time and stopped.


It was very rare to find someone who had taken the advice and implemented it consistently to yield a result and then sustain it. Initially in his naivety, he put it down to laziness or the fact that they didn’t want it enough. It wasn’t long before he noticed that this was a very common pattern.


Soon after, Brad began to understand that it wasn’t just out of laziness or lack of commitment that people weren’t achieving what they wanted. 


So his curious mind went on a mission to understand people better – understand what makes us tick and why people don’t achieve what they want even with all the time, resources or desire in the world at their fingertips.

Spending the next decade on a mission to learn more about people, what makes them tick, and how he can help them achieve what they're capable of. 

As a coach his number one aim is to help people believe, in themselves, in their ability, their potential and the possibilities. 

This book is not a scientific fact sheet with specific step by step tasks to change your life overnight, rather it's a culmination of thought provoking topics and ideas to help open your mind to what might be possible. 

Moving out of home when he was 15 was either going to force Brad to become a victim of his situation or force him to grow, learn, adapt and make an impact. Thankfully it was the latter. 

Since then he has committed to creating an environment that continues to move him forward. 

If he's not sitting in a course learning about training, nutrition or self development he's reading, watching videos or taking action implementing it all. 

Brad first started in the fitness industry back in 2008 and it was in 2010 he was involved in his first fitness business. 

He has been apart of 100's if not thousands of people changing their lives through his business The Fit Shop and it's these experiences that he has encapsulated in this book. 

Pictured with him above and below is his beautiful daughters Harper and Willow and his wife Carley.


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